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How to speed up iOS 8 on older iPhones

Apple has accidentally or even intentionally slowed down the iPhone 4s with the latest software version iOS 8. The device has become quite slow and can not go back to the previous version of software. There are some tricks with we can accelerate our iPhone 4s and also tablet the iPad 2.

Turn off Spotlight search

This thing you not need and for nothing you wasting your RAM memory. This Spotlight search turn off.
Go to the Settings – General – Spotlight Search and turn off all fetaures (You can leave some thing that you still using).

Turn off the Parallax effect

To turn off this feature go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Reduce Motion.
These are the animations, the background image that moves ….4s will be slightly accelerated

Delete the applications that you do not use, and photos
Always keep at least 1gb – 2gb free of space on your device. Delete apps that you do not need any more.

Turn off background refresh of the applications
Go to the Settings – General – Background App Refresh and here turn off.
This can also drains the battery and slow your device. Turn off this.


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